Experience Montana

The Great Blue 


Billings is Montana's Trailhead.  From here, you are within two to four hours from any of the entrances to Yellowstone Park.  You can experience the largest reservoir behind a dam on the Missouri River, You can be stunned by the beauty of Makoshika State Park.  You can walk the streets of several ghost towns.  You can visit a quaint ski town 60 miles from Billings that offers some great dining and shopping and will set you on your way up the historic Beartooth Highway.  In one hour you can be at the Battle of the Little Big Horn National Monument.  You can drive 20 minutes out of town and be in some of the most beautiful country the state has to offer.

Billings itself has amazing fine dining, too many craft brewers to count, Pictograph caves, cowboy monuments, ZooMontana,  historical centers, art centers, state of the art health centers, shopping, coffee shops, parks, bike trail system, and anything else a fall traveler could ask for. 

Here are a few links to get a feel for what you can experience in my Great State!














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