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Break Free From Long-Term Contracts That Don’t Serve Your Credit Union

Courtney Bravo - uncommn
Written By: Courtney Bravo

With all the technological advancements around us, have you wondered what it would be like to go back to the good old days? You know, where a handshake meant something, and you could 100% trust a business partner and take his or her word to deliver on their promises. 

When did things get so convoluted? 

Sure, you can sign a long-term contract that locks you in for years and sells you on the promise of being a one stop shop that will solve all your credit union website’s problems.  But think about how often you may need to update your strategy, let alone your website.

These vendors are companies that tend to be larger and do not care to help all that much – they are simply out there to sell widgets. No credit union needs a vendor selling widgets and forcing them into long-term contracts with no control over its own website.

What if you need to make changes and would like to add or remove something from your website? Often, these vendors charge for that – wait – didn’t you pay for an all-in-one service…for years?  If this vendor were truly vested in supporting your credit union, they would factor in these upgrades and pivotal changes knowing how fast standards change. That must have been in the fine print. 

Let’s talk about wait times. When you have an issue, possibly a glitch on your credit union website, that is affecting your members and potential members. How quickly would you like it to be resolved? As soon as possible and without being nickeled and dimed, right? 

Although a quick fix might be ideal, think about how long you may have to wait on hold with a large company (cue elevator music), and don’t forget, after that, they still have to listen to the problem, find the right department to send your issue to, wait for that team’s response, and then fix the issue at hand. Sometimes these resolutions begin with a 24-48 hour call back waiting period. It can be frustrating not only to the person who initiates this series of events, but even more so for your members. There goes the option to provide a premier member experience. 

These situations are bound to make you feel as if you are not in control of your website and unfortunately you may be locked into a contract that can ultimately leave you with little to no options, other than to just wait it out.

According to a recent article by The Financial Brand, the greatest frustration from smaller institutions is that they feel like they’re limited to the solutions that their core vendor offers, and that these solutions are not keeping up.

Simply put, your credit union website needs a business partner that has your back. Sometimes the “biggest and best” companies are too big and may lose focus on your needs. It is time to go back to basics where a credit union website design partner actually delivers on its promise. 

Here at uncommn, we are the preferred web development partner for innovative credit unions that seek control over their online presence. 

Let uncommn bring back the trust in your partnership and put you in control of your credit union’s website. Get uncommn. Get unscrewed.

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