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Why Are Members Closing Accounts and Leaving Your Credit Union?

Bo McDonald - Your Marketing Co

“Some of them are just passing away!” I’m a marketer, not a doctor, so I can’t help with that. “68% of consumers leave a business relationship because of a perceived attitude of indifference.” I’m a marketer; I may be able to help with that. But let’s dive deeper into this statement and follow my golden Read More »

Why your credit union marketing strategy is failing – or is It?

Bo McDonald - Your Marketing Co

Oh, the frustration! An increased budget. An innovative strategy. Hopeful execution. And then… nothing. Sometimes, it results in denial, and other times, it results in doubling down on the failing strategy, hoping a little more elbow grease will make an impact. I see this often with credit union leaders who reach out about their marketing. It’s Read More »

The Pandemic of Nice is Not Working Out

Bo McDonald - Your Marketing Co

I’ve had a recurring theme in conversations with credit union leaders this year. “Bo, I just don’t know if all my staff is on board. I don’t know if they are a good fit to take us to the next level, where we’re going.” OUCH! That is a touchy conversation. But the fact that these credit Read More »

Where Will New Members Learn About Your Credit Union?

Bo McDonald - Your Marketing Co

So, where do you think you should be fishing when it comes to finding new members? Social media. It’s not my opinion. It’s a fact based on a study from GWI that found that 31% of social media users in the US in Q1 2020 said they typically find out about new brands/products via ads on social Read More »

Avoiding the Credit Union Brand Museum

Bo McDonald - Your Marketing Co

I was recently having a conversation with a credit union CEO about the obstacle that is keeping credit unions from growing and attracting younger members to their credit union brand. “Often credit union board members (and legacy CEOs) dig in and refuse to let go.” They allow what was to inhibit what could be. They have Read More »

How Fast Will My Credit Union Marketing Start To Work?

Bo McDonald - Your Marketing Co

I’m often asked by credit unions that are looking to work with our team this very question: “How long before I see my credit union marketing start to work?” It’s either an innocent question that is on their generic “must ask the marketing people” list, or it’s a red flag. Good marketing isn’t an easy Read More »

The High Trust, High Performance Culture

Dennis McIntee headshot

The secret to building a team that is highly productive and content in their roles (and therefore increasing talent retention), is to create a strong culture of trust. Retention rests on culture, the way your company thinks, the values it has, and how your employees feel. If your organization does not have a strong culture, you will Read More »

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