How Fast Will My Credit Union Marketing Start To Work?

Bo McDonald - Your Marketing Co

I’m often asked by credit unions that are looking to work with our team this very question: “How long before I see my credit union marketing start to work?” It’s either an innocent question that is on their generic “must ask the marketing people” list, or it’s a red flag. Good marketing isn’t an easy Read More »

The High Trust, High Performance Culture

Dennis McIntee headshot

The secret to building a team that is highly productive and content in their roles (and therefore increasing talent retention), is to create a strong culture of trust. Retention rests on culture, the way your company thinks, the values it has, and how your employees feel. If your organization does not have a strong culture, you will Read More »

Get Real With Your Credit Union Marketing

Adam Tate - Your Marketing Co

With an ever-changing industry, national banks and fintechs leading digital transformation, large credit unions merging in a seemingly endless supply of boutique credit unions, and financial uncertainty abound at every turn, you may wonder, what is the best way to weather the storm and even grow through this inflation and unrest? The truth is this Read More »

Laughter… Still the Best Medicine?

Brad Nieder

Hello HCUA!  Happy New Year!  Hopefully 2022 will bring you a trove of blessings, great memories and good health!  It has been over four months since I spoke at your conference in La Jolla.  For those who attended, you may recall my philosophy that “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  Indeed, I have spent close to Read More »

Auto Finance: Digital is transforming car buying

Chris Miller headshot

Credit unions play DEFENSE when they wait for members to fill out an online loan application, come into the branch, or for the dealer to send indirect auto loans. Often, they think that because they have low rates and local service, that members will automatically think of them for their next loan. But members gravitate to convenience. Defensive strategies will lead Read More »

The Story You Tell Yourself Is Causing Drama

Dennis McIntee headshot

The brain is a powerful tool. Did you know that the same parts of your brain used to bring meaning to things you see in the present engages when you imagine your future? Your brain doesn’t immediately recognize the difference between what is real and in front of you and what is yet to come. Read More »

What Can I Do To Grow?

Scott Butterfield headshot

We’ve just finished a full year of strategic planning sessions with more than 30 credit unions.  Credit unions of all sizes, charter types and complexity. A common question we addressed this year is “what can I do to grow”? More specifically, what can I do to grow loans? We work with more than 200 credit Read More »